Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brides BEWARE of DressProvider!

Since I'm getting married, I went On-line to shop for a wedding dress. If I had a lot of money my number one wedding dress maker would hands down be Jim Hjelm, but since I cannot afford to buy a dress from him I found a place that makes dresses in his style for a whole lot less. First, I googled Jim Hjelm Wedding Dresses and up came “Shopping Results for jim hjelm wedding dresses” = dresses at a lot less from eBay and other makers, including from a company called “DressProvider” or "Private Label DressProvider".

I fell in love with a gorgeous lace dress from DressProvider that was rather inexpensive. I looked at it for about a week before deciding to order it. However, after inputting all my personal information and giving them my credit card number the total amount on the final page was over a THOUSAND DOLLARS...about $800.00 more than what it should have cost! SO like any good consumer, I immediately wrote the company an email expressing my concern and giving them the benefit of the doubt, but the email was returned to me with a note that no such email address existed.

My fiance asked me, ”Isn't there a number you could call?” I looked on their website and felt a sinking feeling in my gut! There was NO number! I wrote a second email to their other contact e-mail address under "Contact Us". Again, I expressed my concern, but also let them know that at this point I had already contacted my bank and VISA because I felt that this was a scam and that I would further contact the FBI escam team and write a blog about them if this was indeed the case, but if it wasn't then I sincerely apologized. I heard NOTHING back from them!

My bank informed me, after I closed everything down, that the credit card company that DressProvider uses had indeed “tested out” my credit card with a one dollar amount. In addition, after I had sent them the second email the dress that I had been looking at was pulled from the Google site and so were ALL of their other dresses. Interesting!

It's now been several weeks since the incidence. However, “they” are still in business, so if you're looking for a wedding yourself a favor and shop locally or from a well-known company that has a legitimate reputation! Even though I ended up not loosing money, this IS still a scam! AND it's not worth the agony nor the stress!!! I've finally found a gorgeous dress at BCBG Maxazria and even though I've paid more for least, I know that I've gotten something for my money.


  1. sorry to hear about the scammers out there, but many congrats on your forthcoming nuptials ;)

    it shows how much news i've missed out on since my temporary facebook hiatus